Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Woo Hoo for Pee Pee, LOL!

JoJo is only 18 months, dosn’t mind having a soiled diaper, cannot pull his own pants down or up yet and aside from being to young to start potty training, he has shown no interest in it. I do however notice that he dosn’t seem to pee in the tub or shower because as soon as I take him out of either he immediately goes pee on my bathroom floor. A couple of times I have picked him up in mid pee, held him over the potty and said “pee pee in the potty”, he laughs and on we go. I have never gotten upset because he dosnt know better and is too young to control it. He recently has started showing a extreme interest in J.R.’s and my business in the bathroom and even goes as far to try to hand me toilet paper, LOL!
    So today I busted out the potty training toilet for JoJo with NO intention of starting training yet. My idea was to get him used to having it in the bathroom, then to see if I could get him to sit on it and eventually get him to try it out bare bottomed.
    When he saw it he was immediately interested in it, checking it out, trying to climb on it and whatnot.  So I told him “that’s JoJo’s potty, you go potty in there” and was going ot leave it at that. A minute later he made a stinky in his diaper so I cleaned him up and was getting us ready for the shower as he ran around nakey. Next thing I know, I turn around and he is peeing in…..ok in, on, and around his own toilet! I was shocked…..100% shocked and SO proud! I may have scared him BUT I had a dum dum lollipop right there just incase and whipped it out immediately for him!
    How silly I am to text and call every friend and family member, LOL! But everyone seemed just as excited. So I’m not going to push it. I don’t think he knows to recognize the sensation of peeing, I just think he was trying really hard and got lucky….but who knows, maybe he will be easy to train.
    I plan on getting him a Elmo potty book, maybe letting him run around naked in the morning and grandma gave us some M&M’s to keep handy in the bathroom!
Woo Hoo…..maybe I should come up with a pee-pee victory dance!

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