Monday, October 31, 2011

Boston Terrier Halloween Party!

Yes you read that correctly. Yesterday our family attended a Halloween party for our dog Indy. As kooky as it sounds we all had a blast and there were nearly 30 dogs in costume. Indy literally had the time of his life! Here is a link to all of the pictures.....
And here are some of the highlights!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tis the Season.....for Giveaways!

I love entering giveaways all year long but it seems that the holidays bring out the giving feeling in a lot of us.
One of my favorite blogs to follow is the Bragging Mommy..........

I have been following her for sometime now and she always offers honest and insightful reviews, introduces me to new fun products and offers a laugh or two!
She currently has two really cool giveaways going on that you should take a peak at!
The first one is near and dear to my heart......A Disney Winnie the pooh Blu-Ray and DVD Combo Pack. I used to watch this with my little brother over and much so that we wore out the VHS and mom had to buy another. I cant wait to see this new movie!

I know a really funny but tasteless Winnie the pooh joke but I think I'll keep it to myself, LOL!

The 2nd Giveaway is just plain AWESOME! I order my Holiday cards every year from Shutterfly....and I know most of you do too because i get them in the mail and love to see them adorn my mantle. Anyhow The Bragging Mommy is giving away a chance to win 25 Holiday cards from Shutterfly. That's a gift that keeps on giving!
Did I mention there are 3 winners for that prize?

Enter to win precious newborn beanie.....

If that dosnt give you a reason to have a new baby I dont know what will, LOL!

If your expecting or know anyone that is then here is your chance to win this precious hand made beanie!
Go check out Cast Away Collections Facebook and site to see what other precious wares you fall in love with!


$5 Cars 2 Coupon-Comes out Next Tuesday 11/1/11

I know first thing next Tuesday morning I'll be making a bee line for the new Disney Cars 2 movie to come out. Not only for my child, LOl but for me......I'm so tired of watching the first Cars over and over......and over! Ok Ok I really like the Cars movies and my husband has yet to see it so we are all stoked!
Too make the deal even sweeter if your a member of Disney Movie Rewards they are offering a AWESOME $5 off coupon!
If your not a member and you sign up you can earn 25 extra rewards with the code "MATER".....code works for new members only.
Don't forget to enter your rewards code after you buy the movie!

Last month JoJo got a Mickey Mouse lunch tote and water bottle with our Disney Movie rewards!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jack O Lantern Pizza!!

Who new a boring pepperoni pizza could cause such excitement? My sweet husband came home with a pizza this evening from our local Papa Murphy's and JoJo was just tickled! Right now through october 31st a large is just $7 and a family size os $9 BUT it got me thinking.......I coulda just made that myself.....I wonder what else I could do with a pizza?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog Party @ Kelly Moore

If you havn't gotten over to I suggest you get a move on. She is having the coolest Blog Party with such amazing giveaways!
If you have yet to hear about Kelly Moore bags then your in for a treat! Some would call them fashionable camera bag.....I like to think of them as a photog/mom's lifesaver! How many times have you set out to take some shots of your wee little one and found yourself juggling a camera bag, purse/diaper bag, not to mention your kid!
Its also very inconvenient to lug all that around at a zoo, holiday, or any busy place. I personally often opt ofr my lame point and shoot just because I dont want to worry about my DSLR and then I'm left feeling like I should have brought it! BUMMER

Anyhow Kelly Moore has made these fashionable (gorgeous) bags that fit your DSLR and most that you need on a outing with your little one. Say goodbye to the boring black camera bag and HELLO to a all in one glam bag!

Here are some of my favs!

Libby Sapphire-oh geez!

                                                                          The Mimi.....just look inside!

The Kelly Boy in mustard!!!
Thats just a smidgen of what Kelly Moore has to offer and  right now she is having amazing giveaways from her brand, Anthropologie, Baby Joy Studios, and more....go look for yourself and fall in love!

Don't forge to add Kelly Moore to your FB!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Pandemonium

This past weekend we took our seasonal trek to a pumpkin patch. We tried a new one in Morgan Hill. Despite the horrid parking situation and the 92 degree weather the kids had a good time!

JoJo and his twin cousins!

On the choo choo train
                   I liked this honey comb wall, it was really cool for the kids to see the bee's at work
JoJo REALLY liked this turtle!

Here are some pics of the park itself, it was pretty neat!

The Pumpkin Pyramid

On Our Hayride

Sunflower field on our hayride

Marigolds for days!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkins-Trick or Treat-Boo!

Here are some local coupons incase you havnt gotten a pumpkin yet or are going to visit a local pumpkin patch.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Costumes $8.88

If you havnt gotten a Halloween Costume for your child yet....or want to guess their size and buy one for next year, RIGHT NOW all the Costumes at Baby Age are only $8.88

They have some really cute ones too!

October Happenings!

Pumpkin Patches

Gizdich Ranch
55 Peckham Road. Watsonville.

Young Life Monterey County Pumpkin Patch
( I like this one because the pumpkins are actually growing on the vine and you get to pick them off. Also a great option for pictures).
Reservation Road @ Hwy 68 (831) 422-6441

Hacienda Hay & Feed
7180 Carmel Valley Road.
(Just past Baja Cantina)
I like this place because it is right next door to Earth Bound Farms (see below) and you can do both in one day. Plus its not so far of a drive and the kids love the animals.

Earth Bound Farms
7250 Carmel Valley Rd.
This place rocks on saturdays in October. They have Corn Husk doll making for the kids, a pumpkin race, and fun food. We make a day out of it and they also have a kid garden with a cute lil teepee!

Pumpkin Junction at Casa De Fruita
10021 Pacheco Pass Hwy. Hollister
A bit of a drive but so worth it, a choo choo train, carousel and more!

Swanks Farms
2600 San Felipe Road. Hollister
another bit of a drive but also well worth it!
Huge....I mean HUGE corn will get lost, LOL!
Also have hay rides, tractor rides, pumpkin catapult, and kiddy corral.

Festivals, Trick or Treating, and Events

Gilroy Gardens Scary Boo
Saturdays and Sunday through Oct 31
Mazes, petting zoo and trick or treat

Howloween Harvest Fair @ Roaring camp Railroads

Children's Ghost Train

FRIDAY & SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28 & 29 This is a family and children's Halloween event!

PacRep's Harvest Fest
Sat Oct 22/Sun Oct 23rd 9-5
Custom House Plaza (by the wharf)
Crafts & Entertainment

St. Mary's Holiday Bazaar
12th and central. Pacific Grove
10/22/11   9-3
Local art  and Craft Vendors

My Museum Pumpkin Harvest Hoedown
10/28/11 3-4:45

All Saints Day School Fall festival
( I like this one)
8060 Carmel Valley Road
family fun, games, food, music, shopping

Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Bear's Teddy Bear Tuesdays!

Did you know that every Tuesday at Black Bear Diner your child gets a free meal if they bring their own teddy bear?
Well now you do! My husband and son LOVE breakfast for dinner from Black Bear! But whatever you choose....don't forget your Teddy Bear!

Friday, October 14, 2011

50 Free Disney Movie Rewards

In honor of Halloween, Disney gave up 5 codes equating to 50 Disney Movie Rewards. I was in need of them since I almost drained my account on a really cool lunch tote for JoJo.

Enter them all individually


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Through his eyes....

The other day as we walked through dog park I was busy taking pictures of JoJo and he was busy avoiding me. It was funny to see his tactics of averting the camera and then he came up with the bright idea of pointing out OTHER things for me to take pictures of. As much as I enjoy taking pictures of him and his dog, it was pretty cool to see the things that caught his attention.

He really seemed to like fallen trees.

He always stops to jump on this log, LOL

He also was collecting sticks and things of interest in a little plastic bag......."cleaning up the forest", LOL Indy was eager to help.

Peek A Boo!

 How strange? Someone must have arranged this. JoJo was quick to point out the "square" i thought that was pretty observant of him!

Kids don't need a ton of money to have fun, quality time dosnt always have to be something extraordinary....a wak in the woods will do!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My least guilt free addictions!

Not sure if you've heard of Etsy but its a website where people can sell their handmade things to the general public.It makes me feel good to know that I am buying something hand crafted with care and love. Every seller I have purchased from is super friendly and the communication is great.
I have been shopping Etsy for about two years now and thought I'd share some of my favorite stores.

Favorite Pet Shops
Day Dog Designs has the sweetest collars. I love the ribbon stitched to webbing. They are durable and she has SO many to choose from. Its just about time for a new order! Indy wears his everyday!

The most unique dog tags I have EVER seen. He gets so many compliments on his tag its crazy!
I think this is going to be the next one I order!

Beantown Handmade
I am SO in love with everything in this shop. I'm just waiting for Indy to stop growing adn then I am going to buy him one of these hats and also a sweater! Seriously, I'm not one to dress up my dog but this is just too cute!Plus he gets cold, LOL

Kids Category:

Ball of Yarn Too
I buy JoJo some hand warmers from this store every year. They are so COOL and  he will actually wear them unlike gloves. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. The beanies she makes are precious as well!

Butternut Boutique

For the little girl in your life....or in you this store is a must! I've spent a lot of time shopping and comparing bows and clippies on Etsy and after purchasing from Butternut Boutique last week I am hooked!


Cherished Times Boutique

I have yet to order from this store but it is saved in my favorites and I am waiting for Kelly's baby to be born, LOL!
How cute is this?
Great for photos!

Fun Stuff:
The Doll City Rocker
Recently I have become quite fond of hair bows, headbands and such. her stuff is so unique and fun that it dosnt make me feel like a little girl. Hair accessories made for big girls. She even custom made me a headband! Fast Shipping and great communication!
Creative Visions
Just the sweetest vintage inspired tags. I put them on gifts and just about anything I want! How adorable!
Intrinsic Imagination 
Another on my favorite list I need to buy from but they are just bad a**