Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog Party @ Kelly Moore

If you havn't gotten over to http://kellymoorebag.com/blog/ I suggest you get a move on. She is having the coolest Blog Party with such amazing giveaways!
If you have yet to hear about Kelly Moore bags then your in for a treat! Some would call them fashionable camera bag.....I like to think of them as a photog/mom's lifesaver! How many times have you set out to take some shots of your wee little one and found yourself juggling a camera bag, purse/diaper bag, not to mention your kid!
Its also very inconvenient to lug all that around at a zoo, holiday, or any busy place. I personally often opt ofr my lame point and shoot just because I dont want to worry about my DSLR and then I'm left feeling like I should have brought it! BUMMER

Anyhow Kelly Moore has made these fashionable (gorgeous) bags that fit your DSLR and most that you need on a outing with your little one. Say goodbye to the boring black camera bag and HELLO to a all in one glam bag!

Here are some of my favs!

Libby Sapphire-oh geez!

                                                                          The Mimi.....just look inside!

The Kelly Boy in mustard!!!
Thats just a smidgen of what Kelly Moore has to offer and  right now she is having amazing giveaways from her brand, Anthropologie, Baby Joy Studios, and more....go look for yourself and fall in love!

Don't forge to add Kelly Moore to your FB!

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