Thursday, October 27, 2011

$5 Cars 2 Coupon-Comes out Next Tuesday 11/1/11

I know first thing next Tuesday morning I'll be making a bee line for the new Disney Cars 2 movie to come out. Not only for my child, LOl but for me......I'm so tired of watching the first Cars over and over......and over! Ok Ok I really like the Cars movies and my husband has yet to see it so we are all stoked!
Too make the deal even sweeter if your a member of Disney Movie Rewards they are offering a AWESOME $5 off coupon!
If your not a member and you sign up you can earn 25 extra rewards with the code "MATER".....code works for new members only.
Don't forget to enter your rewards code after you buy the movie!

Last month JoJo got a Mickey Mouse lunch tote and water bottle with our Disney Movie rewards!

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