Monday, December 12, 2011

Gilroy Gardens Holiday

Wow.....thats what comes to mind when i think about this past weekends trip to Gilroy Gardens. It was truly magical! Every inch of the park was covered in lights, holidays music played though out the whole park and despite the cold.....we all had a amazing time!

The boys were awoken from a nap (hence the fuzzy hair) and strapped in for a ride!

The entrance to the park.....note the fake snow and festive walkway!

Holding hands, waiting for their first ride!

The fish were a favorite!
 I loved that most of the rides were geared towards toddlers so they could ride safely without mom!

Next stop....dining hall. It was beautiful and the food was really good. fresh carved turkey, apple crisp and a beverage station!


Dinner and a show....Charlie Brown and the gang came out to dance and sing while we enjoyed our food! I thought that was really awesome!
JoJo....not so much!

Whats a Holiday Festival without Santa?

I love this lil man!

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