Monday, December 19, 2011

Puppy Love

One of my most magical memories growing up was waking up to kittens in my bed.
One year when I was at the magical (horrific, grumpy, attitude) age of 13 my mom thought it had been too long since I had spent some time with my Dad. Dad lived in what I thought to be a small and boring small town with the dreaded new girlfriend. Despite my reluctance (screaming and door slamming) I found myself in a all day care ride up north. We arrived late and I went straight to bed, swearing to not enjoy a minute of the visit. The next morning I smelled bacon and potatoes cooking, Bob Marley's (Three Lil Birds) playing in the kitchen and fought the memories of a happy childhood when my parents were together.
I heard my Dad's familiar whistle nearing my door and immediately pretended to be asleep, he was probably coming in too yank open the curtains to let the sunshine in and sweep the covers off my bed.....he always thought that was hilarious......UGH!
Instead I heard him creep in, drop something on my bed and retreat, closing the door behind him......"oh god" I thought.....what could it be? A lame book or something equally horrific to a teenager......all of a sudden whatever was at the end of the bed started moving. Just as I sat up I heard the first "mew"......KITTENS, 4 teeny tiny kittens that he had found in the back yard shed.
Needless to say, that was one of the best visits I had with my Dad.
Just when I thought nobody could POSSIBLY understand me I remembered I was a Daddy's girl, near or far.

So imagine my excitement when I was asked to baby sit my sister-in-laws puppy. When i got home JoJo happened to be napping.......and I bet you know what I did.......

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