Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My least guilt free addictions!

Not sure if you've heard of Etsy but its a website where people can sell their handmade things to the general public.It makes me feel good to know that I am buying something hand crafted with care and love. Every seller I have purchased from is super friendly and the communication is great.
I have been shopping Etsy for about two years now and thought I'd share some of my favorite stores.

Favorite Pet Shops
Day Dog Designs has the sweetest collars. I love the ribbon stitched to webbing. They are durable and she has SO many to choose from. Its just about time for a new order! Indy wears his everyday!

The most unique dog tags I have EVER seen. He gets so many compliments on his tag its crazy!
I think this is going to be the next one I order!

Beantown Handmade
I am SO in love with everything in this shop. I'm just waiting for Indy to stop growing adn then I am going to buy him one of these hats and also a sweater! Seriously, I'm not one to dress up my dog but this is just too cute!Plus he gets cold, LOL

Kids Category:

Ball of Yarn Too
I buy JoJo some hand warmers from this store every year. They are so COOL and  he will actually wear them unlike gloves. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. The beanies she makes are precious as well!

Butternut Boutique

For the little girl in your life....or in you this store is a must! I've spent a lot of time shopping and comparing bows and clippies on Etsy and after purchasing from Butternut Boutique last week I am hooked!


Cherished Times Boutique

I have yet to order from this store but it is saved in my favorites and I am waiting for Kelly's baby to be born, LOL!
How cute is this?
Great for photos!

Fun Stuff:
The Doll City Rocker
Recently I have become quite fond of hair bows, headbands and such. her stuff is so unique and fun that it dosnt make me feel like a little girl. Hair accessories made for big girls. She even custom made me a headband! Fast Shipping and great communication!
Creative Visions
Just the sweetest vintage inspired tags. I put them on gifts and just about anything I want! How adorable!
Intrinsic Imagination 
Another on my favorite list I need to buy from but they are just bad a**

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