Monday, August 30, 2010

A Couple of Firsts....

This past weekend marked the FIRST time I have been really sick since JoJo has been in my life (18 months, thats pretty good) and also the first time JoJo fell completely in love with a toy in a store and HAD to have it. And guess what?.....His Daddy gave in, LOL.
It started on Saturday, I woke up feeling awful but our family had been given a gift of a box suite at a S.F. Giants game so I sucked it up and went. I felt horrible but would have felt worse missing out. By the end of the night my voice as gone but I had a wonderful time. JoJo made it all the way through the game...just barely, LOL. He really likes crowds and especialy "bay-ball"

I paid dearly for it on Sunday but am thankful enough to have a husband who is not only sympathetic but willing to run our weekend errands with JoJo in tow so I could rest. One such errand was a trip to Cosco where JoJo fell in love with a set of monster trucks. My husband said he held on to the box fiercely throughout the store chanting "vroom vroom"! He has slept, eat and breathed the trucks since yesterday. "Vrooming" all over the house, up the walls, across the couch and down my legs, LOL.

Today I felt well enough to take JoJo and his truck of choice on a walk. He is such a trooper and I needed some air.

JoJo's new toys took me back to a time when a simple toys could make your whole week new and exciting. For me it was always a new Barbie added to my collection and I could get lost in my imagination for hours. Its fun to see him reach the age of discovery, personal  preferences and imagination!
More from our walk....

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