Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Glimpse of the Sun!

What is that I see? Is that the sun? I know they say we have a indian summer but this is crazy. Just incase this weekend is the start of our summer I thought I’d remind myself and some of you what fun good weather can bring!

-pitch a tent and camp out in your back yard, make smores and tell scary stories or read some out of a book. (Did any of you read “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” when you were young? Heck even if its too cold to stay out all night just getting away from the t.v. and doing something as a family is fun!

-While your out there, see if you can catch a glimpse of some stars. Nothing like laying on the grass, cuddled up looking for a shooting star. Who cares if you don’t find one!

-Outside hide and seek with the whole family

-make a fort….outside or inside!

-if your really brave how about a big mud puddle and a good ole water balloon fight?

If you plan on staying inside……

-remember how cool that old school popcorn was to make. The kind that popped on the oven and got bigger and bigger. I know it sounds silly but I can bet most of our kids have never seen it and would get a kick out of it!


-They still sell puff paint at your local craft store…..every kid needs a puff paint shirt….shoes, and hat, LOL

-What about those cool color posters that are like 3x5 feet? I used to love taking on that project, pick one up at the craft store when you go buy puff paint, LOL. Oh don’t forget the sidewalk chalk while your there!

-make some cookies from scratch, There is so much even a young child can help out with….rolling out the dough, picking cookie cutters and shaking the sprinkles! Plus kids look so cute covered in flour!

AND MY ALL TIME FAVORITE…….make something simple for dinner (we like shredded pork tenderloin sandwiches with honey mustard) to pack up like a picnic, blanket and all and head down to your local park or spot of grass to people watch, let the kids run around and have a outdoor dinner! Even the front or back yard will do!

The point I am trying to make is try to make everyday special. Childhood is so magical and it goes by so fast. I know we are all hard working parents and we may be tired but in our house we say “if we are going to be tired what we might as well do something fun”!

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