Thursday, August 19, 2010

Its the little things

-Invent a secret handshake, not only is it super cute but it gives kids another form of bonding with you and can even offer comfort in times of distress. It dosn't have to be complicated, just something for the two of you or the whole family. Don’t forget Eskimo kisses!

-Give your child a spa day, put flower petals and baby oil in the bath, give  a mani-pedi, baby massage, blow dry, chocolate facial, and his/her favorite treat!  Hey if you have your own spa day do it why not let someone else?

-Make greeting cards for everyone in your family with flower petals, crayons, macaroni, leaves, cupcake liners, stickers….WHATEVER….no holiday needed.

-Let him/her dress up in whatever he or she wants out of mommy and daddy closet then take a trip the the grocery store…..I don’t know why but kids love it!

-bake cookies with your little one for the neighbors, mailman, or other local friends you encounter and make sure your babe gets to hand them out.

-when your little one is napping put some different things in a brown paper bag, close it up and when they are awake ask them to feel/shake and try to guess what it is. Just the discovery of new or surprise things is fun.

-Let him/her help with putting away groceries. Who cares if it takes 30 minutes and your frozen peas are starting to thaw!

-Since JoJo is too young to know that toys come in a happy meal I hid them in my glove box for tough times on the road. We have a basket of toys at his feet that I can grab for but he gets bored of those. This way I always have some new back-ups in my glove box.

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