Friday, August 6, 2010

Everyday is a Circus!

JoJo never fails to keep me on my toes. Whether its laughing at one of his silly antics or wincing at one of his goofs life is never dull with him. Today he had a whole bag of tricks he’d never used before.
First I’ll start by saying that I have been doing my best to tame my mutterings in the car when I am frustrated (if you havn’t started censoring yourself, start now, LOL) and I have settled on “JUST GO” instead of other colorful phrases. Most of the time he is in the back seat chanting “Go Go Go” and waving his little fists like a mad man!
    Anyhoo, today we are strolling through the grocery store when I come to one of those inevitable near collisions with another shopper. I come to a halt and with a smile I offer the other shopper the right of way as I say “oh go ahead”.  Joey’s head whips around to face the shopper, he raises his fist and yells at him furiously “You Go Go Go”!……oh dear! Thankfully he is still small enough that everything he does is super cute to the general public and I was left not knowing whether to laugh or shoosh him. So I guess its true, its not what you say, its how you say it.
    Fast forward a hour later, we are in the toy section of the local department store, JoJo is running ahead checking out the toys and I see him and another child practically dive for the same toy. Joey gets to it first but since I had no intention of buying it I tell Joey to share the toy with the other kid which he is usually great about……not today. He smiles his coy little smile and starts to hand over the toy. As the kid goes to grab it JoJo recoils his arm and says “haaaaa haaaaaa no”. I think to myself, ‘I’ve never teased him like that, he is just being silly”, so again I ask JoJo to hand over the toy……only for the first scenario to replay not one, but two times. I tell JoJo “ I am taking this from you“, I hand it to the child and we move on with no thankfully fuss. Later at home as I am retelling the story to my husband he laughs at the story  and in the same taunting manner he says “Haaaaa Haaaaa” which starts a chorus of “haaa haa’s” from JoJo. Well at least I know where he gets it from……oy vey!
    Oh we are not done yet….he saved the best for last. Our last stop is Macy’s. As we are within 100 feet from the exit I say a little “oh thank you” that we made it through the store with no breakdowns,  tantrums, or minor theft on his part, that is aside from the faint smell of ”you know what” coming from his pants. So here I am, holding his little hand, looking through my purse for my keys and I hear a woman gasp and I look up to see this sweet old lady, red cheeked and staring at Joey. She sputters out “he just goosed me” and now I am the one red cheeked already spitting out apologies and she continues “Oh he really got me, he took a whole handful”. I couldn’t say I as sorry enough and thankfully it ended with her smiling and consoling me but sheesh, what a day!
    You know when I was pregnant my husband I and I used to laugh that we couldn’t wait to embarrass our child when he got older. I think that maybe Joey was listening and was plotting against us the whole time!

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