Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun....Not in the Sun?

So apparently the nation is facing a coast to coast heat wave…..all but where I live of course. Stuck in the fog and in mid 60’s my hopes of filling the plastic pool with water so Joey can splash around while I laze in the sun is a fading dream. In May I thought ‘oh summer is almost here”, in June I kept hearing people refer to the weather as “June Gloom”, in July I kept reminding myself that we get a Indian summer in this part of the state and now its August I am quite confused. 
    Needless to say I have needed to use a bit of creativity to keep him occupied and it has made me reflect upon what used to be fun to me as a child. So here are a few things that Joey has found to be enjoyable!

-A trip to the local pets or feed store. He loves looking at the fishies, birds, and other animals they have. Just be sure to keep little baby fingers out of the mouths of strange dogs, LOL

-How about your local library or bookstore? I hadn’t been to the local library since I was in high school. If your library is like mine they usually have a separate area or entire room for kids so if he or she is a bit loud its ok! While you are there look into weekly story times for babies and toddlers. I started taking Joey when he was very tiny, even though he didn’t pay much attention to the story teller he loved watching the other kids!
Here are some links to our local libraries.....

-Bundle that baby up if need be and take a trip to a local park area to have a picnic. Just getting outside will make you feel like less of a recluse plus the air and wind will tire him or her out. If he/she is a walker they can run around, scream and get some energy out. If he/she is less mobile you’ll find that grass is something very new and interesting to them. Don’t forget to make daisy chains while you are there!
Also teach them to smell the flowers, Joey has been sniffing flowers since he was a wee lil babe and it cracks me up! Don’t forget the camera!

-If you have a toddler who is walking or older take a walk and let him/her lead you where they want  to go…..aside from the middle of the street! Its fun for them to get to choose the path and interesting to see where they go. I remember the first time we embarked on JoJo’s maiden route choosing voyage and he stood on the middle of the sidewalk looking at me like “mom what are we doing”?

-JoJo’s favorite is our nature bracelets! I just get a piece of clear duct tape, wrap it around our wrists inside out and pick flower petals, blades of grass, pine needles or whatnot and stick it to the tape! It keeps him busy for quite a while and its very interesting the first time they try to stick a bug to it!

-Also take this time to visit your local YMCA, rec center, or other facilities to see what kinds of programs they may offer to you and your babe. In the past couple of months we have taken swim class, messy art play, gymnastics, and a fun dance class.

-Dont forget to make a indoor fort, sure it may get knocked down 10 times in your efforts but isnt that half the fun? Get all the stuffed animals in the house and cuddle up. Naturally a pillow fight is to follow!

-Lastly and JoJo’s FAVORITE activity is to crank up the music and dance dance dance. He sure is amazed at his mama’s sweet moves and laughs so hard he gets the hiccups!  We only do this of course when daddy is at work… wouldn’t be as cute for daddy to laugh so hard he got the hiccups, LOL!

As for now I’m going to go off and do a sun dance…..ya Ive never heard of one either but if they can have a rain dance I guess I can do my best to make up a sun dance! I’m sure JoJo will be happy to help out!

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