Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food and Blood for Thought

After I had Joey and was trying to lose weight I tried a ton of diets. One in particular was the "blood type diet". Dont ask me if it works because apparently my inability to stick with a diet is much greater then my will to loose weight. Anyhow one thing that stuck with me was the notion that specific blood types thrive off particular foods and in turn, some foods can be harder for certain blood types to digest or metabolize. Since I read about blood types and certain foods I have found it to be true with my family.
As a parent I think this information is helpful when considering ways to fuel our children and what foods may offer the best nutrients to each individual family member.
Obviously a round balanced diet is beneficial to EVERYONE but its interesting information when asking yourself why certain family members prefer different foods. I dont reccommend completely cutting out any type of food unless they are allergic or your Dr says so and take this idea with a grain of salt. I think its a interesting idea to think about though.

http://holistickid.com/blood-type-and-your-diet/Type O

O types do best with a carnivorous diet rich in meat and fish, but cannot digest dairy or wheat well. Vegetables and nuts are recommended for type Os, but legumes should be eaten sparingly.
These food recommendations are in line with Type Os predisposition to stomach and thyroid disorders and “environmentally intolerant” immune systems.  Prone to “fight-or-fight” responses, Type Os also thrive on intense physical activity, and should avoid stimulants.
Type A
A types thrive on a vegan diet that is rich in plant foods. Fresh, organic foods including vegetables, grains, beans, tofu, fruit and legumes are recommended. Occasional seafood is the only suggested animal protein food.
The diet for Type As reflects their sensitive immune system and predisposition to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Type As often internalize stress and do best with gentle exercise and a strong sense of community.
Type B
The Type B diet reflects their flexible digestive system and strong immune system. Type Bs can break down fats, animal proteins and carbohydrates without difficulty, so they are able to eat a wide variety of foods, including dairy products.
Grains, beans and legumes, fruit and vegetables are all good choices, while chicken, shellfish and tomatoes should be eliminated from the diet.  B Types are often flexible and adaptable to life’s challenges and thrive on both physically and mentally stimulating activities.
Type AB
Those with blood type AB should consume a mixed diet including meat, seafood, dairy, beans, most grains, legumes, and plant foods. Red meat should be avoided, as should any grain products or breads that contain corn or buckwheat.  AB’s do best with small meals and may benefit from avoiding the combo of protein and starch in the same meal.
The mixed diet is in keeping with this blood types’ usual resistance to allergies and ABs’ risk for heart disease, anemia and cancer.  AB’s do best with a mixture of intense and gentle exercise.

A Great article that explains how blood type effects what we crave.

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