Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Fine Day

 I love morning time with my baby bear. I had to share this particular picture of JoJo because everyone comments on how much he looks like me but FINALLY I caught him looking just like his Daddy....and kind of like James Dean!

As summer is coming to a end (or just starting considering the nice weather) I try to keep JoJo active and try to think of something new to do each day. Not everyday can be full of carnival rides, petting zoo’s and birthday parties. Its easy to have cheap fun and I have to often remind myself that kids appreciate the simple things. I hope to instill in JoJo that fun isn’t sitting in front of the television or computer and is best with time spent in the company of family and friends.

This morning we took advantage of the free children services at our local library (check with your local library for fun and story times) most offer such. We often get there early to spend some quiet time enjoying all the books.

Today we were joined by his two cousins (the two boys in green) and the library  had a special guest from a local organization called Kinderjam…..he loves Miss El.

We take Miss El's class often so JoJo fancies himself the teacher's pet and is often undrefoot......

The boys still had a bit of energy to burn so we filled the rest of the morning blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a little ruckus!

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