Friday, August 13, 2010

5 minutes from a toddler, LOL


- I grab a chair and a magazine for myself. A pot of dirt and hand shovel for JoJo and head outside to catch some sun. Who cares if he makes a mess! If your going for longer bust out the pool and let him play in it with the dirt and no water!

-I give him my brush, some clippies and let him make a mess of my hair. I sit on the floor in front of the couch so he can reach. This is handy if your trying to catch up on your shows

-If it’s a really good show I have been known to give him a marker and let him color on my leg…..ya ya I know its not teaching good habits but he really gets a kick out of it! Just make sure you dont wear shorts for a couple of days, LOL

-give him/her a magazine to flip through, who cares if its Cosmo! They like looking at something they dont typically get to.

-open the sock drawer and let em at it. It sounds boring to you but is a riot for toddlers!

-Find a cardboard box…..a BIG one and let your little one dive into adventure with it!

-I like to get a sheet of stickers and put them on JoJo’s belly, up his sleeves, up his pant leg and let him have a ball trying to find them all!

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