Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Rant.....

I love getting Joey out of the house everyday and we take advantage of our local resources as much as possible. We go to library story times, farmers markets and just about every function in our town that is age appropriate. I think it is very important for children to get early socialization and I just LOVE this age, I love toddlers, they are so precious.
I can’t say I enjoy the company of some of the mom’s we frequently come across. What is it about women when they get into groups that they have to form cliques, be judgmental and or discourteous? We are all in the same boat, we all are busy moms and I think we owe it to our children to set good examples. I know I’m not perfect but I try to be aware of myself, my child and our surroundings.
OK I just realized this post is more of a rant but here it goes anyways…….

Stinky Diaper:
CHANGE IT! Today a lady at story time kept apologizing for her her son’s stinky diaper. I could see in her mammoth stroller she had ample supplies to remedy the situation. If she would have taken 2 minutes to change the diaper it would have been less energy then all the apologizing she kept doing. She “just couldn’t pull him away from the group” as she put it.
Not only was it rude to the whole group but her poor kids was just stewing in it….despite the fact that he really didn’t seem to mind.

Ok maybe this is one of my pet peeves but I am rarely…..RARELY late. I find it awfully rude when other people keep me waiting due to their inability to plan correctly. Obviously the unforeseen happen, especially with kids and that’s ok BUT try to be courteous of others when you are late. If your late getting your kids to class, playgroup, a restaurant were you might be meeting others, a birthday party, a lesson or whatever it is try not ot interfere with what is going on. It really sucks when the group has to start over, stop, or be totally interrupted because someone is late. Obviously a young child dosn’t know and will take a moment to register what is going on but you’d think the parent would know better.

Nursing in Public:
Ok I know everyone has their own opinion of this and I respect them all. But in keeping with my theme “being courteous of others” let me please remind some moms that just because we are totally comfortable nursing in public dosn’t mean other people are. Its funny how after we have a kid we are much more one to doing what we gotta do for our kids no matter where we are or who is there BUT try not to shock the whole restaurant by whipping out a at-at with no cover whatsoever, LOL!
I 100% feel that a mother has a right to nurse wherever she needs to but modesty is key.

Stay home. I know….it sounds obvious right?  I guess not. I know when your kid is sick they hate being cooped up all day….as do you. But please don’t bring them to playgroups, school or any of the above. Its just discourteous and says to the rest of the moms “ I don’t care if my kid gets yours sick”. take your child on a walk, to a outdoor park and play ball but please don’t spread the germs.

Really lady? Your just going to bust put a lollipop in front of the whole playgroup, give it to your child and expect it to be cool? Its funny how crackers, gold fish, and a juice box can go un-noticed amongst a group of kids but bust out some candy and its like they have sugar radar!
Unless you have some for everyone don’t bring it out in the open.
In turn….don’t give a snack to a kid unless you ask their mother first.  You don’t want to be the reason for a E.R. visit because the kid you gave a Nutter butter to is allergic to peanut butter.

Get off the phone. Especially if your kid is throwing things or terrorizing the other kids. Our children learn very early on that if mommy is on the phone she isn’t paying good attention. Not to mention you gotta set a example for your child. You are their to play and socialize and we all gotta answer the phone but please don’t leave the rest of the moms to regulate your child the entire time.

Get UP!!!!:
Nothing gets under my skin more then the mom who sits on the bench, chair, whatever and yells at her kid to stop doing whatever it is they are doing…..over and over and over. It took the rest of us moms two minutes to realize your not getting up from your seat…..I’m pretty sure your kid knows the same thing too. Not only is your kid learning to not listen to you but your driving everyone else crazy.

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