Friday, September 3, 2010

Just Now

I work evenings while my husband stays home with JoJo. Tonight on my routine call to check in it goes a lil something like this....

Hubby: "JoJo wont eat anything but the chocolate donuts you bought. He ignores his food and points to the cupboard even though I made his favorite sausage and waffles.....I even put syrup on the waffles"

Me: "O.k., don't let it stress you out, don't throw away the sausage and try again in a little bit. Just let him watch some toons and try to give him some in the living room".

Hubby:  "You want me to pick the sausage up off the floor and try it later"?

Me: LAUGHING "Ok what about the waffle"?

Hubby: " He sucked all the syrup off and spit the waffle back out"!

Oh the terrible two's, LOL FUN!

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