Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Child Labor in My Home!

JoJo has reached the golden age of  "Me Me Me"! Its so sweet to see him struggle to do something himself, no matter how bad I want to help. It can also be frusterating sometimes, for example when he wants to turn the t.v. on himself and ends up ordering a $3.99 movie. Or when he wants to get his own snack and spills crackers all over the floor but then I just look at his sweet lil face and patience is restored.
One thing he also loves to do is help out around the house. I am ALL for that! Even if he makes more mess then not, or it takes me 40 minutes to fold a load of clothes I think its important to get him in the habit of helping. I know one day he won't be so eager to do so, LOL.
He LOVES to sweep up after he eats.....

It breaks my heart when he tries so hard to do something and lacks
the ability to. I let him have a fair shot at it though......he then proceeded to ride the vaccum like a wild bull!

Everytime he does this I wonder how long that dryer door is gonna hold out, LOL

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