Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As a child I remember the bitter sweet arrival of the county fair. It gave me butterflies in my tummy just looking at the rides but also marked the end of summer. Soon school shopping would begin and the smell of the fall air would take over.
Nowadays the poor kids have already started school and have to sit all day through class anticipating cotton candy and face painting.
Winter comes before spring, you must walk before you can run and school should not start until the fair has come and gone!
There also comes a time when things like the fair, Christmas, and Halloween looses its magic....that is until you have a child!
Last year JoJo was only 6 months but he still enjoyed the animals and ice cream. I enjoyed trying funny jester hats and sunglasses on him!

This year it was a whole different ball game! It is so much fun seeing his eyes light up at all the novelties....until I realize he had set his sights on miscellaneous junk he wants me to buy, LOL! But as my girlfriend and I made our way through the maze of concessions we laughed at all the junk we "just had to have" at theme parks and places like the fair. It's part of being a kid! I got out of there with a $5 Diego the Explorer balloon....not bad!
JoJo was a bit fearful of a couple of the rides, he didnt scream his head off like some kids (which is easier to determine they don't like the ride) but instead he tucked his head and looked frightened. It broke my heart but there were still some he wanted to go on so that seemed good.
So how come I don't remember being that tired after only a couple hours at the fair or amusement park? Is it because I just crashed in the car or because I didn't have a list of chores at home waiting for me?
Anyhoo kids really do make things magical again and bring out the fun kid in all of us!
JoJo getting ready!

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  1. We love fairs! They're so expensive, though. Wish everything wasn't $6 and up!

    Cute pics!