Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I wonder how many people looked at me and Joey today in the grocery store and thought I was crazy. I’m trying to take comfort in hopes that at least one mother looked at me and understood. You see today I bought JoJo a new baseball bat and baseball which he insisted upon taking into the grocery store with us. Don’t worry, it was a soft one, nerf or something with Diego on it. Anyhoo so here we are in the freezer section, JoJo chanting “Dego Go, DEGO”….because he can’t pronounce Diego so he calls him Dego, or maybe that’s his Italian roots coming out? Who knows….. and just my luck, he dosnt let go of the bat for a moment so I am weaving in and out of people trying to keep everyone safe from a 20 month old, bat wielding, Dego screaming munchkin. He is having the time of his life and every so often forgets I told him not to throw the ball so he hurls it into the ice cream case or a stack of vegetables from which I have to retrieve before it collects ecoli, thankfully there were no casualties.

We finally make it to the check out line and a nice teenage boy was kind enough to take over batting practice for me, JoJo got a couple of base hits into the wine display behind me and all the while you might be thinking…….”wouldn’t it be easier just to take it away before entering the store”? If your thinking that then you obviously don’t have kids or its been awhile since you’ve been down Terrible Two’s Avenue.

No harm, No Foul everyone was happy and now if I get a gray hair this year at least I‘ll know where it came from. I’ll save the story of the guitar in the grocery store for another day!

Moral of the story….sometimes you look silly in public but I rather be silly then have a screaming baby!

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