Monday, September 6, 2010

No Labor Day

I think that Labor Day should be called "No Labor Day". Anyhow we had a no labor weekend, as did most of you I hope. In town we had a Greek Fest, a birthday BBQ , and played a lil baseball. All in all we got a lot of sun and spent some great family time together!

The Greek Fest was our first stop. I was so proud of JoJo for trying calamari ( he actually liked it), Ya I know its not Greek but that's ok!
There was a cool pirate ship for kids to play on..........

They next day we had a baseball/bbq/birthday party to go to and we spent hours in the sun having fun!
The big boys played baseball and JoJo was not content playing with the kids his age =(

So naturally we had to stop the game so the kids could have a hit or two!

I think that did the trick because ten minutes later...............

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