Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkins, Corn mazes, and Fun!

If you don't care much for autumn then I must apologize because I am in a fall frenzy and am loving every minute of it! By the time winter hits my poor husband is so tired of pumpkin pie, harvest festivals and nutmeg that he even welcomes the winter blues, LOL!
So naturally we spent this weekend at our local organic farm enjoying the festivities.....its still early enough in the season that my husband participates......I think JoJo makes it fun for just about everyone anyhow! We brought JoJo's cousin, Mia along and it was funny how many people thought they were twins. Mia is 3 months older then JoJo and is his best friend.              

                                                                    Corn Maze Babies!


They had a fantastic time playing in the corn maze, checking out pumpkins, they had their face painted, colored, and played in the corn bin!

The best part was the making of corn husk dolls (which is easier then i thought) and the pumpkin races. The husband did such a awesome job at the pumpkin race we went home with a whole car6t of pumpkins for Halloween, he made us very proud, LOL!
Daddy and JoJo making their corn husk "action figure"....boys don't play with dolls, LOL

It now sits on out table at home.....with some of our trophy pumpkins!

The kids and husband with our prize pumpkins...........

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