Thursday, October 7, 2010

Easy Fall Craft

I like this craft because it is something even toddlers can help out with and it also gets the kids out of the house.
You will need

-wax paper
-yarn or ribbon
-hole punch
-a bag of fall leaves
-2 paper bags

-Grab a bag and take a nice walk outside. Have the child collect all sorts of leaves and flowers to put in the bag.
When you get home sort them out have your child pick their favorites.
 -warm up your iron and lay down a paper bag
-Cut two large pieces of wax paper of the approximate same size. Wax side up, let the child arrange the leaves however they like
-Lay the second piece of paper atop the first, wax side down
-iron the whole peice of paper, flip over and iron that side
 At this point you can decide if you want it to be a place-mat, or like us you can cut it it out, punch a hole in it and hang it in the window as a decoration for fall.

 Another fun thing to go is to use crayon shavings in between the wax paper, they melt and make a cool looking decoration.

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