Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Cuddle Buddy

With all the warnings and information overload about keeping our kids active and spending enough time outside I have become a bit neurotic about keeping busy. I have a pretty tight schedule during the week of library storytime, gymnastics, art class, music class and a fun free day (thats usually the park or playdate). When Joey or I are sick we still go for nature walks and on rainy days I feel like I will quickly get cabin fever and opt for a museum or aquarium. This is quite the turn around from my pre-baby years, I could stay indoors and sleep for days but with the fear of my child's brain melting infront of the television we are always on the go.

Today however I woke up, made a big pot of my Autumn Stew and nestled down to watch the long awaited "How to Train your Dragon". I lit candles, grabbed a big cozy blanket and my best cuddle buddy. I thought he'd get bored but I was pleasantly surprised at how content he was just to sit with his mama and cuddle.
Oh boy did it feel nice!

It brought m back to my childhood and how relaxing HOME is. Nothing was better then mom's bed, the smell of home was so comforting and it was pretty cool lounging in pajamas all day. I tell myself to appreciate the simple things all the time and today I am glad I took my own advice!

"How To Train Your Dragon" is going to be a favorite in our house, I can tell!

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