Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tricks I've learned so far.....

-Baby Oil takes off temporary tattoos and leftover sticker/band aid goo on the skin.

-Peanut Butter gets gum out of hair

-breast milk fights blocked tear ducts and pink eye

-If you ask nicely for something from your child they are less liekly to cry then if you just take it you are teaching them good manners.

-When its time to throw something away, ie a pacifier, lollipop or whatever if you have the child do it themselves they are less likely to cry.

-Black out curtains in a child's room is a blessing in disguise

-Grandparents do what they want and feed their grandchildren what they want no matter what you say.

-Singing makes everything better

-To get your child to put their head back to rinse their hair in the tub, howl like a wolf and encourage them to do the same

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