Monday, November 8, 2010

Like father, like son!

    More and more lately I find myself having flashbacks of the first couple of crazy years my husband and I got together. This is all brought upon by Joey, his antics and the realization of how much he is like his father.

For example:

-I laid Joey down for a nap and when I later checked on him he was sprawled out sideways on the bed, half empty cup thrown aside, one sock off, mouth open and snoring. I have a faint recollection of seeing his father this exact way years ago.

-Today he set his granola bar on my leg for safe keeping. When he came back for it he opted to just bend down and take a bite with no hands……granola body shot? Hhhmmmm, sure its not vodka but its age appropriate!

-Last night I awoke to a passed out sweaty person laying on my chest and drooling……definitely like his father!

-Getting the bejeezus scared out of  me in the shower by two big brown eyes staring at me through the glass asking to come in!

- Hands in my plate….need I say more?

-The other day my husband walked by and smacked my rear end……JoJo saw and now more often then not when I am doing the dishes I get a swat followed by a quickly retreating giggle……sometimes its still my husband, sometimes its JoJo. They both think its hilarious….not sure why.

-Now as JoJo and I walk through town he happily points out cars that catch his eye and adds a sweet lil “vroom vroom”

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