Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daylight Savings, Cold Weather and Hand Washing!

It seems that since we switched the clocks back that mother nature has taken its cue to crank up the cold. BBRRRR! I used to take advantage of this time change and catch up on my sleep but JoJo has other plans. at 6:30 a.m. he wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed, hungry and ready to start the day. As I groan and roll our of bed I can't help but notice how darn cute he is in his footie pajamas and bed hair. Then I remember how my mother used to growl at me in the morning (not a fun way to start the day) and I put on a pot of coffee and do my best to start the day.......and counting the hours until nap time.
I just can't help but be fueled by JoJo's eagerness to start each day anew with a smile and the morning he brought me my slippers it melted my heart. The morning he tried to shove a soggy fruit loop in my sleeping face I was just as excited  because he just makes me laugh.
Summer was a busy busy time, we hopped out of bed, hit the pool and ran until sun down. Now JoJo is learning the art of hibernation and cuddling. He's pretty good at it too, heck I'm a natural at sleeping, maybe he gets it from me.

This is the season of walks to the park, building forts in the living room, hide and seek in the house, crafts and baking. I think we'll make it through this season just fine!

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