Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving for Toddlers......

How do we teach a toddler that Thanksgiving is more then turkey and mashed potatoes?
I'm not sure a whole history lesson on pilgrims and the harvest festival will work out but we can start by teaching them that its a time for being thankful, spending time with family and giving to those less fortunate.

I often point out the less fortunate to JoJo and show him that we can give by offering food or money to the homeless. Last week we gave a cheeseburger meal to a guy on the corner.....sure were not saving the world but JoJo is only 2 and he realized what the lesson was. He was so happy! He understood when I told him that man had no money and can share what we have with him!

We also made a collage out of magazines of things he likes and asked me to cut out. I incorporated those things he liked into ways to be thankful......for example he had me cut out a lollipop and I reminded him that we are so lucky to have a Grandma who always has a lollipop to offer.......yes it sounds silly but he understood what we were doing.

So this Thursday while were all gathered with our families to celebrate don't forget to show your little loved ones that the holidays are a time for sharing and spending time with our beloved. I know thats tough when you've got 20 people in your house and a bird to cook!

Keep those little ones busy......

Here are some fun Thanksgiving print out that require will keep them from underfoot!
There are tons to choose from!

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