Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paranoid or Precatious?

So let me start by saying that I am not a overly paranoid mother.......ok well I guess it depends on who your asking. I wince everytime I see a child on a leash (to each their own) but on the other hand everytime I see a cut elittle girl I look around to see if there are any creepos admiring her also.......did I mention I'm not a paranoid parent?

Anyhow I recently came across the "Mommy I'm here alert". It essentially a two unit device that goes on the parents key chain and the childs belt loop or shoe. If your child gets so many feet away from you it will alert you with a series of small beeps OR if you press your keychain it will emit a loud beep so you can locate your child.

My first thought was "HOW COOL"! My next thought was "how mortifying for a child" for the next couple of days I'll be mulling over wether I'm crazy to buy it or smart.
Obviously I wouldnt put it on my child for a trip to the grocery store but a theme park or something like that it might be a tool that I could see myself using.

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