Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mammals do it..........

Today I was talking with one of my best friends whom is pregnant with her first child. I was so flattered when she said she admired my parenting. She had some typical mommy-to-be questions and it took me back to when I was pregnant. Gosh everyone has a point of view and opinion don't they? Each mommy and daddy is different and so is each child. Not wrong or right and that's what makes each of us unique.
With that said you know I talked her ear off, LOL

We got on the subject of attachment parenting and how I used it as a guide to raise my son, ie baby wearing, and co-sleeping. When my husband tried to give me grief about co-sleeping I simply told him "just about every other mammal sleeps with their offspring, why should my child be any different" And with that, it was settled.

I'm not sure if its my son's personality, the fact that I am so SO blessed to be able to stay home with him during the day or if AP is all that's its cracked up to be but I have a very secure and confident child. I was quite the opposite. If there is a thing as unattached parenting that would be the way I was raised, LOL.
I was a shy and clingy child, I was scared of the dark, starting a new class and never pushed myself to do much that was new to me.

Anyhoo for two years JoJo slept with me, on me, next to me.....I knew their would come a day when that was no longer a option and it came sooner then I thought it would.

I didnt plan it this way but am lucky that it worked out for all of us. I bought him a string of lights to hang in his room that he just adored. I would plug them in at bedtime and unplug them soon after he fell asleep. After a couple of nights of this I said "mom's gonna go lay in her bed". I read him his story as we did every other night, he kissed me and waved me off.

Meanwhile in my room my husband and I looked at each other like "could this really be happening"? This is usually a fight to the death with most kids. I'd heard horror stories of sleepless nights, redirecting children back to bed and even heard of parents locking thier kids in their room (not cool in my opinion)

That was 4 weeks ago and not once has he cried or went to bed upset. Maybe its the lights, maybe its his confidence or maybe its just plain luck but either way I feel like I did something right (even if I dont know what that is). We kept our routine up and he seems as happy with it as my husband and I are!

Some nights if he asks for me I'll lay with him until he falls asleep. He's only two years old, he dosn't need a firm "go to bed" or reprimand, he needs his mommy and.......I need him too.

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