Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Campfires, marshmellows, and dirty faces!

Nothing like a end of summer camp trip to get ready for fall! We stayed at the Big Sur Campgrounds this past weekend and it was the prefect setting for families with young children.
We were lucky enough to get two campsites right on the river and across from the park (yes a park). I could literally BBQ at our site and keep my eyes on the kids the entire time! Next time we may not be so lucky to get a park and river site because they book up so far in advance but that won't stop us from booking for next September. I booked this past trip in May and just got lucky. Anyhow they steam cleaned the bathrooms twice a day, had a laundry room, air hoses to fill up water toys, the cutest lil general store with cocoa, free coffee in the morning and soft serve ice cream. Most sites had a water spicket and some had a electric outlet.
It really dosnt get better then this when it comes to camping.

My sweet husband bought our son a portable DVD player to watch at night, at first I thought it excessive but it actually helped him wind down and gave us adults a lil time to enjoy the fire!

Even the dog had a wonderful time!

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