Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So many summer contests, coupons, and contests!

Wow it seems like the coupon craze is really in full force! I'm not one to spend HOURS searching for coupons, however i never pass up a good deal or a chance to enter a contest. I used to think contests were bogus but last year I won a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag (still in the wrapper, waiting incase I have another baby), LOL, a free necklace, concert tickets and a free breakfast! If you have the time, why not?

Anyhoo some of my favorites are.......

A great place to check for daily deals....
Seattle Mom's Deal Finder

101 Days of Giveaways by Parenting magazine...
click each day for a new prize!

Join Petunia Pickle Bottom's Facebook  page for a new contest each month, listed under "Contest" on the left side of the page
You gotta 'like" their page

Chilli's Restaurant often times offer a free kids entree with the price of a paying adult if you join their email club. YThey don't send out spam and offered this deal 3 times last month!
Also free Queso & Chips

I've also bought several pairs of New Balance shoes from this website....for all members of teh family. I dont know how they offer such cheap prices but I'll keep coming back!

And of course I have to give big UPS to my favorite sample sale websites. I can't get enough of them. Listed first is Totsy and if you sign up for Plum District you can get a voucher for !5 but worth $30! How cool is that?

The much loved Zulilly, I got JoJo some Croc's for $15

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