Friday, July 29, 2011

Just HAD to share!

Spring cleaning mattresses is a simple process for me.  I start by removing all the bedding, including bed skirts and mattress covers… and putting it all into the wash.
Next I lift the mattress and box springs off the bed and thoroughly vacuum and dust.  I also love to wipe down the wall and floorboards behind the bed.
I lay the mattress back into place and make my own special concoction.  You could just use straight baking soda, but I love to pour about 1 cup of baking soda into a mason jar and drop in 4 drops of lavender essential oil.  Put on the lid and shake up the jar.

Using a kitchen strainer sprinkle the baking soda mixture all over the mattress and let it sit.  I leave it for an hour or more, usually the time it takes for me to finish washing all the bedding and press the bed skirt.
Using the hose end of your vacuum and an upholstery attachment, thoroughly vacuum the mattress.  Bye, bye dust mites and other nasty things.  The baking soda helps draw up any moisture and deep dirtiness.  It deodorizes and leaves the mattress smelling fresh and clean.  I also love the faint scent of lavender left by the essential oil.
The word lavender is derived from the Latin “lavare” meaning to wash…. I guess I’m in good company with the Ancient Romans in thinking it smells nice and clean.
When I get in bed after a deep clean like this, I wonder how I ever slept a wink in my dusty bed.  I am pretty much guaranteed to sleep like a baby tonight!

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