Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some of JoJo's favorite products!

So as I was cleaning out JoJo's room today I found that he made a squeal everytime I moved around some of his most precious belongings. He likes things in HIS order and to know where his favorite stuff is at all times and that they are within his reach. Its funny how some things I think are the coolest he pays no mind to and what he picks as his favorite. To start we have......

Skip Hop Zoo Pack:

He has the monkey and I think he loves it most because of its size (perfect for toddlers) and also because before we leave home I let him run around the house filling it with things he thinks he may need. it keeps him busy and makes him part of the decision process. 
See there website here below and find them on sale at

Next up we have........

The Goodbyn Lunch Box

They are AWESOME! No wasting baggies, have a built in handle, easy for little fingers to carry, easy to open, comes with a sheet of really cool stickers for the kids to personalize, and is dishwasher safe!
Currently on sale at amazon

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